Lodge an application for development approval (improvement schemes)

Lodge applications for Development Approval online (improvement schemes)

The Department's Online Lodgement Facility provides the functionality (through e-lodgement and large-file transfer) for users to lodge applications for Development Approval online. 

Lodging an application requires the applicant to: 

  • provide details of the applicant, land owner and proposed development 
  • complete and upload the application form (download the form via the link below) 
  • calculate and pay the application fee 
  • Upload electronic copies of supporting information, such as: development plans, technical reports and any other related information.

Application forms 

Improvement Scheme Area - application form (PDF 188 kb)
Swan Valley Planning Scheme No.1 application for planning approval - Form 1 (PDF 226 kb)

Application fees

Planning and Development Act 2005 - Planning and Development Regulations 2009

Supporting materials

The following material is provided to assist with lodgement of an application for Development Approval: 

Development assessment framework - guidance note (PDF 189 kb)

Page reviewed 7 September 2021