Draft Planning Engagement Toolkit for Western Australia

As part of the Action Plan, a draft Planning Engagement Toolkit has been developed to provide a set of practical tools for community engagement and consultation, facilitate meaningful, appropriate and active consultation and engagement, and support statutory requirements and good planning.

This toolkit provides State Government agencies, local governments, planning and engagement professionals, and applicants with clear and consistent principles, guidance and tools for designing and delivering best practice consultation and engagement. It can also be used by the community to help better understand consultation and engagement in the planning process and how to participate in it. 

The toolkit can be used for both statutory and non-statutory consultation and engagement and can apply to all planning processes (e.g. policy development, planning schemes, development applications). Specific details on when to engage and consult for each planning process will be provided in further guidance material to be developed and included in the Western Australian Planning Manual. This guidance will include further detailed templates for each of these processes and will be developed in collaboration with key stakeholders. 

Draft Planning Engagement Toolkit for Western Australia (PDF 2 MB)


The Department sought feedback (closed 2 July 2021) on the draft toolkit to help shape and refine its content and to ensure that it provides concise and constructive information to support best practice consultation and engagement.

All feedback will be collated and analysed which will assist in the finalisation of the toolkit. The outcomes of consultation will be presented to the Western Australian Planning Commission, as part of their consideration and endorsement of the toolkit.

Page reviewed 6 September 2021