Strategic Asset Management Framework

The Strategic Asset Management Framework provides policies and guidelines to improve asset investment planning and management across the State public sector.

Strategic Asset Management Framework (SAMF) facilitates quality advice and decision-making within agencies, including the development and review of investment proposals to the Government.

Strategic justification

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Strategic justification systematically identifies the most efficient and cost effective way to deliver high quality services to the public.

Strategic Asset Plan (SAP)


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Investment options ensure that recommendations for the State to invest in assets are in the public interest and provide net benefits to the community in the most efficient way.

Application for Concept Approval

Business Case

Project Definition Plan (PDP)

Procurement and delivery

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The process of finding, agreeing terms and acquiring goods, services or works from an external source, often via a tendering or competitive bidding process.


Operations and maintenance

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Involves strategic planning and investment, proactive governance and physical work to sustain and repair assets to they can be used effectively.


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The regular, objective review of whether to retain or dispose of an asset is an important part of strategic investment planning and the normal life cycle of an asset.

Asset Retention and Disposal

Land Asset Sales Program

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