Switch (WA Public Sector)

Supporting the mobilisation of WA public sector staff

Switch (WA Public Sector) is a new initiative developed to support response and recovery related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

It enables staff to be mobilised to work outside their agency and placed in another agency to deliver essential and critical services.

Switch is coordinated by the Public Sector Commission

It’s easy to Switch

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1. Identify need for staff

  • Requesting agency identifies tasks
  • Agency completes request for staff form and emails it to the Switch team
  • Commission reviews request and distributes notification to Switch coordinator network

2. Provide staff to be switched

  • Home agency Switch coordinators identify whether they have available staff to support the request
  • If so, agency completes available staff form and emails it directly to the requesting agency Switch coordinator, copying in the Switch team

3. Match staff to need

  • Requesting agency contacts home agency Switch coordinator and staff to arrange commencement and onboarding
  • Requesting agency notifies the Switch team once switch request has been met

4. Finish Switch placement

  • Staff return to home agency once Switch placement has ceased

Basis for mobilisation

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Decisions about mobilising and placing staff are consistent with the human resource management principles set out under section 8 of the Public Sector Management Act 1994 (PSM Act). Mobilisations are up to six months, agreed to in writing and consistent with secondment provisions under section 66 of the PSM Act and other statutes that provide for employers to enter into arrangements to make use of public sector staff. Mobilisation is not intended to replace normal recruitment practices. 

Page reviewed 13 April 2021