Enhancing our climate resilience

Safeguarding the health and resilience of our community, economy and environment requires an understanding of the ways our climate will change, and strategies to enhance our preparedness.
Last updated: 11 January 2023

Transitioning our economy to net zero emissions will help reduce the impact of climate change, but some changes are inevitable. You can read about some of the projected changes to Western Australia’s climate in the Western Australian climate projections: summary.

Adaptation plays a key role in reducing exposure and vulnerability to climate change.

Adapting to climate change can include a range of responses including changing how we do business, supporting healthy, connected cities and regions, building climate-resilient infrastructure, and addressing existing stressors on our environment. 

The Western Australian Climate Policy establishes important climate adaptation initiatives to address climate change. These include:

Refer to the Western Australian Climate Policy for more information on these initiatives.