Preparation of a Climate Adaptation Strategy

The State Government is developing a Climate Adaptation Strategy to help Western Australian industries, cities and regions identify and manage climate impacts and enhance climate resilience.

The strategy will involve initiatives that improve knowledge, capability and partnerships for years to come, and will include a coordinated, collaborative Climate Adaptation Action Plan.

On 23 December 2022, the State Government released Climate Resilient WA: Directions for the state’s Climate Adaptation Strategy.  

Climate Resilient WA builds on targeted consultation with government, Aboriginal and environmental groups, and peak industry bodies throughout 2022 and lays out the foundations for Western Australia’s statewide Climate Adaptation Strategy, to be released in 2023.   

This document identifies four directions to accelerate immediate action:

  1. Produce and communicate credible climate information.
  2. Build public sector climate capability and strengthen accountability.
  3. Enhance sector-wide and community partnerships to unite and coordinate action.
  4. Empower and support the climate resilience of Aboriginal people.

Further targeted consultation will be conducted in early 2023 to identify actions to support these directions.

To find out more about current projects and initiatives, refer to Enhancing our climate resilience

Page reviewed 6 January 2023