Apply for the National Police Checks for Volunteers program

A subsidy is provided for eligible Western Australian volunteering organisations to provide their volunteers with a National Police Check.

This program is designed to assist organisations to screen volunteers working in positions of trust or who are involved in providing services to vulnerable people (i.e. children and young people, people with disabilities and seniors).

Organisations must register for the program with the Department of Communities.

Once the Volunteering Organisation Registration Form is completed it can be submitted by mail, email or fax to:

All organisations involving volunteers are eligible to participate in the program, including state government and private sector organisations.

To qualify the organisation must:

  • be incorporated, or have relevant legal status
  • be a parent body, not a sub-branch with volunteers working in Western Australia
  • be providing a community service
  • be seeking a check for a volunteer who receives no payment for work (except out of pocket expenses), performs volunteer work in providing a community service, and is not as part of mandatory work placement (e.g. student placement, work experience, work for the dole)
Page reviewed 24 January 2020