Apply for a jetty fuel pipeline

You can only apply for a jetty fuel pipeline by completing a form and posting your application to the Department of Transport.

Applications need to include:

  • a copy of the storage of dangerous goods licence from the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety.
  • a fuel pipeline pressure test certificate.
  • a copy of the certificate of title for the nearby property.
  • an A4 site plan showing the jetty’s dimensions and its location in relation to your property. It must include all other structures such as boat ramps, other jetties and mooring poles.
  • the completed application form and fee.

For licences in a company name, you also need to provide

  • a copy of the certificate of incorporation
  • an Australian Business Number
  • names and addresses of two company directors who will be guarantors.    

Send your application to:

Department of Transport
Coastal Facilities Management
GPO C102
Perth WA 6839

Page reviewed 23 September 2020