Pay for your firearms infringement

Access payment options and information for firearms infringements.

The Firearms Act 1973 and Firearms Regulations 1974 enables the Western Australia Police Force to issue an infringement as an alternative option to deal with Firearms offences.

If you do not want to be prosecuted in court for the alleged offence, pay the amount due in full by the due date and pay your firearms licence.

Payments should be made before 9pm Western Standard Time on the due date.  

If no payment is received by the payment due date, the Western Australia Police Force may start prosecution proceedings against you.

You will not be issued with a Final Demand.  

Payments are made using the secure BPOINT system using either Visa or Mastercard.  

You will need to enter your reference number and amount due.  

Further information about Firearms infringements is available on the firearms infringements page or call Infringement Management and Operations on 61 8 9374 4555.

Page reviewed 7 February 2018