Transfer your overseas driver’s licence

How to transfer your existing driver’s licence if you have moved to WA from overseas.
Last updated: 3 September 2021

You first need to check if your overseas driver’s licence is from a recognised country or an experienced driver recognised country. This will show you what tests you may need to take.

Existing, valid overseas licences can be used for up to three months if you have a permanent resident visa. The three months apply from either the time you started living in WA or the date of your visa being granted if it wasn’t obtained overseas.

After three months, you need to pay to transfer to a WA driver’s licence by going to a Driver and Vehicle Services centre or regional agent with:

  • a completed WA driver's licence application form and identification (PDF)
  • your original overseas driver’s licence 
  • proof you live in WA such as a power, water or gas bill
  • one document that shows your signature
  • the application fee.
  • If your licence is not in English, you will need:
    • An official translation, from a NAATI translator, of your overseas driver’s licence document, endorsed with an official NAATI stamp. When an official NAATI stamp is not available the translation can still be accepted if: 
      • The translated document includes the details of the translator (NAATI registration number, name of translator, level of certification and signature); and
      • Those details have been verified by the Department of Transport.
    • The photograph, photocopy or electronic scan of the driver’s licence that was sent to the NAATI translator.

An eye test is compulsory and your photo also needs to be taken for your new licence.