Subdivisions, leases and licences on freehold land, development and property

The Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) is responsible for approving all subdivision applications and certain types of strata, lease, licence, classes of lease or licence, agreement to sell and options to purchase applications on freehold land in our State.
Last updated: 21 September 2021

The WAPC considers proposals against the State Planning Framework which is identified by the six principles of:

  1. Community
  2. Economy
  3. Environment
  4. Infrastructure
  5. Regional Development
  6. Governance

Information and comment from the relevant local government, any public authority or utility services provider are also included in this assessment prior to a decision being made on the proposed plan.

To ensure that we deal with your applications efficiently we have made a number of changes to improve the handling of applications:

  • Online lodgement of applications for approval of freehold or survey strata subdivision and amalgamations
  • the forms are now clearer and more self-explanatory
  • conditions imposed on a subdivision are explained using simple English
  • the model conditions and determination notices are available on the website and updated regularly
  • a standard plan process has been introduced for strata, freehold and survey strata subdivisions, where all plans are lodged directly with Landgate and applications for endorsement of plan (form 1C) are lodged directly with the WAPC.

What this will mean to you is a system that is easier to understand, more effective and more efficient.

If you have registered an application and wish to follow it up please use our Application Search.