Planning Reform

The State Government is implementing a program of major reform of Western Australia’s planning system.
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The State Government's planning reform agenda is guided by the various goals and initiatives outlined in the 2019 Action Plan for Planning Reform (Action Plan) (PDF) and additional reform priorities identified through ongoing consultation with stakeholders.

These reforms will modernise Western Australia’s planning system by:

  • creating more consistent, efficient and streamlined processes, and reduce unnecessary red tape to support the delivery of new housing and other critical infrastructure
  • creating better places for the diverse communities of Western Australia
  • making our planning system easier to understand and navigate
  • improving transparency in decision making processes

You can read more about the planning reform program below.

The Planning and Development Amendment Act 2023, some remaining parts of the Planning and Development Amendment Act 2020 and a number of new and amended Regulations will become operational on 1 March 2024.


Journey to Date

View the Planning Reform Roadmap (PDF 1.04MB)

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