Planning Reform

The State Government is implementing a program of major legislative, regulatory and policy changes to reform Western Australia’s planning system.
Last updated: 29 March 2023

A number of changes have already been made to improve transparency and consistency across the system and reduce unnecessary red tape in accordance with the 2019 Action Plan for Planning Reform. 

In 2023, the State Government will progress the final regulatory changes to reform the Development Assessment Panel system and will amend the Planning & Development Act 2005 to deliver on further reforms.

Many of these reforms are the result of extensive consultation with the Western Australian community, urban planners, local governments and industry stakeholders. 

These reforms will create a streamlined planning system that is better suited for a modern community, is easier for people to navigate. They will support the delivery of new housing, build communities that people want to be part of and create a pipeline of development projects, jobs and economic investment for the State.

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