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The information on this website is brought together from a range of government agencies. Wherever possible, we have included the contact details relating to the services and information on the content page. The website is designed to complement, rather than replace, existing service delivery methods such as front counter services.

Contact details

Find current contact details for the Western Australian Premier, Cabinet Ministers, government departments, agencies and boards.

Premier of Western Australia

Western Australian Government Ministry

Western Australian Government departments and agencies

How to complain about a government product or service

The Ombudsman Western Australia investigates complaints about Western Australian public authorities: State Government departments, agencies and boards; government services such as hospitals, prisons, schools and technical colleges; public universities; and local governments. Further information about the complaints process is available on the Ombudsman Western Australia website. You can also call them directly for assistance on 61 8 9220 7555 or send an email to the Ombudsman Western Australia.

Premier's comment line

The Premier’s comment line is coordinated by the Department of the Premier and Cabinet. This service can be used to leave a short comment for the Premier. You can access this service by telephoning 61 8 6552 6888. Please be aware that this is a comments line only. If you require a written response, you are asked to put your request in writing to or contact the relevant Minister

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If you think that information on a page is missing or incorrect or actually really helpful, you can leave your feedback on the relevant page using the “Was this information helpful?” question box. You can also provide feedback to us using the feedback form.

To make a complaint about this website, you should submit the details of your complaint using the feedback form. Please ensure you include your contact name, your preferred contact method and details of the complaint you wish to make.

You can also:

  • write to us at Locked Bag 3001 WEST PERTH WA 6872
  • fax us on 61 8 6552 5001

Issues raised are kept confidential and discussed only with the people who need to be involved.

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