Battery and critical minerals in the global energy transition

Hear from Australia’s battery and critical minerals industry leaders at AOG Energy 2023
Last updated: 10 March 2023
AOG - battery session

At AOG Energy 2023, Australia’s premier oil, gas and energy trade event, at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre, leaders from Australia’s battery and critical minerals industry will explore:

  • The scale and pace at which clean energy technologies must be deployed to turn climate pledges into action and to ensure continued supply and sustainability of clean energy generation.
  • The importance of a reliable, sustainable supply of batteries and critical minerals which are essential to clean energy technologies and the realisation of globally strengthened climate ambitions.
  • The opportunities for adding value to Australia’s critical minerals and pursuing viable opportunities across the battery raw material value chain to support decarbonisation efforts.
  • Strengthening Australia’s position to keep pace with an increasingly globally competitive market and support the nation’s energy transition.

This session, to be held on Friday, 17 March at 11.15am, should be of interest to anyone in the energy industry and anyone interested in our energy future. 

Panel members include: 

  • Adele Stratton, Chief Financial Officer and Head of Development, Iluka
  • Matt Dusci, Acting Chief Executive Officer, IGO
  • Joshua Thurlow, CEO Lithium, Mineral Resources Limited


  • Anthony Sutton, Executive Director Hydrogen and New Energies, Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation

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