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How government works

The Government

Government (or Executive Government as it is formally known) in Western Australia includes the Cabinet, the Executive Council and the Public Sector. You can search for a Minister by name or portfolio on this site or download the full list of Cabinet members.

While Western Australia's constitutional laws provide for the Governor to act as Head of State, most of the Governor's constitutional powers are exercised on advice from Government Ministers, principally the Premier.


Parliament sitting dates, detailed transcripts of Parliamentary business (Hansard), members and committees, bills, statutes and facts about the Parliamentary process can be found on the Western Australian Parliament website.

The public sector

The Western Australian public sector is a diverse group of approximately 130 employing agencies working to deliver services to the community. Opportunities to work with or join the public sector can be found by searching for:

More information on the management and coordination of the public sector can be found on the Public Sector Commission's website.

Accessing whole of government information

Below are some quick links to popular whole of government information sources.

State finances

The State Budget website includes both the current budget and previous years' budget information and fact sheets on significant budget issues.


On the Western Australian Government data portal you can easily find, review and use open data and information - for example, to develop web applications.

Media statements

You can find out the latest ministerial announcements by viewing current and archived media statements by minister, portfolio or region.

Western Australian legislation

The Parliamentary Council’s Office is the official publisher of Western Australian legislation and statutory information, such as acts, legislation and bills. To purchase hard copy official version of legislation, you can visit the Parliamentary Counsel’s Office website for options.

Free online access to legislation is provided at www.legislation.wa.gov.au.

Details about Bills (a draft law / proposed Act of Parliament) are found on the WA Parliament website.

Freedom of information

Freedom of information gives the public a right to access government documents, subject to some limitations. Government agencies must help people to obtain access to documents at the lowest reasonable cost. The types of information you can request include paper records, plans and drawings, photographs, tape recordings, films, videotapes or information stored in a computerised form. Government agencies must help people to obtain access to documents at the lowest reasonable cost.

The Office of the Information Commissioner can provide further help on submitting a freedom of information request.

Grants and other assistance programs

The Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries provides ongoing funding and one-off grants to non-government organisations and community groups through Western Australia. You can visit the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries website for more information on funded service areas, guidelines and application forms.

Contact government

If you wish to get in touch with the Premier, ministers, parliamentary secretaries, members of parliament or your local member, you may find the following resources helpful:

Local and Federal Government information

Some information and services may be provided by either local governments or the Federal Government. You can search for this information using the: