Responsible management of government procurement including risk assessments, evaluations, contract award, delivery and management.

Buy a used government vehicle

At the end of their lease, Western Australian Government fleet cars are disposed of through contracted auction houses and are available for the public to buy.

Choose a Buying Journey

An interactive decision making tool for government agencies to choose the best method for buying goods, services, community services and works.

Gateway Review process

A Gateway Review is designed to support the effective development, planning, management and delivery of Government major projects and programs.

Introduction to Contract Negotiation

This training module is for public sector employees preparing for and undertaking contract negotiations during procurement or contract management processes.

Pipeline of work

The Pipeline of Work is a listing of current and future infrastructure projects. It will help Western Australian businesses to better plan for major WA Government tenders, sustaining companies across the state and creating local jobs.

Preventing procurement fraud

Agencies practising due diligence can complete checks and report fraud or corruption during the procurement process

Supplying goods and services to the WA government

This training is designed for businesses that provide goods and services who are new to quoting and tendering for government processes, and for existing suppliers wanting further information about the process.

Written quote process training

This workshop is for public sector employees who are new to procurement, and are involved in purchasing goods between $50,000 and $250,000.