Environment information services

Environmental matters including weather information, prescribed burns, bushfire alerts and air quality.
Our network of automatic weather stations and radars throughout the state provide timely, relevant and local weather data to assist growers and regional communities.
The extreme weather events tool uses data from the department's extensive weather station network to map extreme temperatures, either below or above a specified threshold.
The Department of Water and Environment one-stop shop provides information about water licensing, environment regulation, and environmental assessments.
Our web application programming interfaces (API) portal includes APIs for integrating with weather stations and radar estimated rainfall data.
Emergency WA provides the best available emergency information for a range of hazards including bush fires, floods and storms.
Search for sites that have been identified under the Contaminated Sites Act 2003 using the Contaminated Sites Database interactive map.
Rainfall to date graphs show theĀ rainfall accumulated from the start of the grain growing season and can be used as a tool in the seasonal decision-making process.
Soil water graphs show the amount of soil water accumulated through the grain growing season and can be used as a tool in the seasonal decision making process.
Access our coast cameras to view current conditions of key coastal locations in Western Australia.
A listing of all prescribed burns being conducted in the state today and those in progress.
This service provides to date information about the coming season and its potential impacts on cropping and agriculture.

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