Help regarding legal processes, courts and legal aid.

Justice subcategories

Laws that regulate the Western Australian Government's decision making including electoral enrolment and voting and lodging documents with courts.

Laws and regulations that apply to companies or other organisations.

Advice on property rights, legal relationships and responsibilities including Justice of the Peace services.

Investigations and reporting into special issues.

Laws that support investigations on behalf of the coroner into the manner and cause of examinable deaths, or fires and explosions which damage property.

Records of what is said in a court or other judicial decision-making bodies.

Information and advice relating to criminal issues including paying fines and infringements or applying for a National Police Clearance.

Duties under international law to respect, to protect and to fulfill human rights.

Special courts for children and young persons under a statutory age and alternative sentencing programs.

Financial assistance and access for legal advice and services for legal proceedings in courts.

Assessment of land resources to estimate their material worth for rating and taxation purposes.

Law that relates to the discipline, trial and punishment of defence personnel.

Assessing rights and interests in an area of land and / or water according to traditional Aboriginal laws and customs.

Privacy laws and principles for individuals, businesses and organisations.