Administrative law

Laws that regulate the Western Australian Government's decision making including electoral enrolment and voting and lodging documents with courts.
Freedom of Information gives the public a right to access government documents, subject to some limitations.
Consolidated versions of all Western Australian Acts and subsidiary legislation that are in force or repealed, expired or otherwise ceased since 1 January 1996.
Download an application form to apply for a Freedom of Information (FOI) external review.
View the Information Commissioner decisions listed by year or use the decision search facility.
Check if you are enrolled to vote and your current details on the electoral roll.
Enrol to vote in Commonwealth, State and local government elections. 
The Office of the Information Commissioner provides advice and assistance to the public and agencies on matters related to freedom of information (FOI) in Western Australia.
Details of your fine or infringement can be searched for on the registry. 
Information about court processes, procedures, fees and other general information that you may need to know before attending court. 
The electronic lodgment (eLodgment) service enables legal practitioners, government departments/agencies, organisations and self-represented litigants to lodge a sub-set of documents to the Western Australia courts.
To be a candidate in a local government election, the candidate must submit a valid nomination application.
The Office of the Information Commissioner has a schedule of freedom of information (FOI) training suitable for agency FOI Officers.
Anyone can report suspected minor misconduct by Western Australian public officers to the Public Sector Commission (PSC).
Hansard is the common name for the printed record of the debates in Parliament which are published as Parliamentary Debates.
How parliamentary elections are conducted and details of past elections.
How referendums are conducted and details of past referendums. 
Subscribers receive notifications of new decisions published by the Information Commissioner.
The Office of the Information Commissioners Freedom of Information (FOI) newsletter is published every two months and covers current and recurring issues in FOI.
If you have moved house or changed your name, you will need to update your enrolment. 
Court listings are daily schedules of cases being heard in each court.  The eCourts portal provides listings for all courts in Western Australia. 

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