Criminal law

Information and advice relating to criminal issues including paying fines and infringements or applying for a National Police Clearance.
A History for Court document is a complete, certified copy of an individual’s West Australian criminal and traffic convictions.
A National Police Certificate (NPC) lists criminal and WA traffic court outcomes and pending charges that are deemed disclosable at the time of application.
A replacement copy of Statement of Material Facts is a copy of the prosecution document served to the accused when charged with a criminal offence.
If an application to have a conviction declared spent is successful, it limits the disclosure of that conviction.
A subsidy is provided for eligible Western Australian volunteering organisations to provide their volunteers with a National Police Check.
Access payment options and information for Criminal Code infringements.
Access payment options and information for liquor infringements.
View details of your fines and infringements that are with the Fines Enforcement Registry and make a payment online.
If you have information about a child being abused you can report it to the Western Australia Police Force.
Visitors are welcome at all Western Australian prisons. Family and friends are encouraged to maintain contact with prisoners throughout their sentence.

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