Water resources

Managing water use, protecting our waterways and promoting water sustainability.

Cockburn groundwater allocation plan

The 2021 Cockburn groundwater allocation plan guides our management of groundwater resources to support both water users and the ecosystems that depend on groundwater.

Cowaramup groundwater investigation

As part of our State Groundwater Investigation Program, we investigated the groundwater resources in the Cowaramup area to improve our understanding and help revise the volume of water available for sustainable, future use.

Dampier Peninsula groundwater investigation

This groundwater investigation aimed to improve our understanding of the Dampier Peninsula’s groundwater resources and how they support groundwater-dependent ecosystems north and east of Broome.

Drainage for Liveability

Finding ways to work collaboratively and better use green spaces around drains and drainage infrastructure.

Drinking water matters

Safe drinking water is essential for life. Drinking water for cities and towns in Western Australia comes from natural sources, seawater desalination and recycled water.

East Midlands groundwater investigation

The East Midlands investigation will help us provide certainty for agricultural water supply while balancing the environmental and social values that depend on groundwater.

Fitzroy groundwater investigation

The Fitzroy River and surrounding catchment is an important part of the Kimberley with nationally recognised cultural, environmental and economic values.

Gingin Brook and groundwater interaction

Part of our State Groundwater Investigation Program, this project significantly improved our understanding of how the Gingin Brook interacts with the groundwater system.

Gnangara groundwater allocation plan

The 2022 Gnangara groundwater allocation plan sets out how we will manage the Gnangara groundwater system – Perth’s largest natural water resource – to continue adapting to climate change.

Groundwater investigations

Western Australia relies on groundwater for drinking water supplies, irrigated agriculture, industry, mining, economic development and liveable communities more than any other state in the country. Groundwater is also essential for the natural environment to flourish.

Interactive water science maps

You can discover, interrogate and request information on Western Australia's water resources using our interactive mapping tools.

Murchison palaeochannels groundwater investigation

The Murchison palaeochannels groundwater investigation, funded through Royalties for Regions Regional Water Availability program, has pieced together the information we need as a first step to understand these hidden water resources.

Perth groundwater map

The Perth Groundwater Map helps members of the public identify watertable information for the Perth metropolitan area

Proclaimed area maps

Certain areas of Western Australia are proclaimed to protect, manage and regulate water under the Rights in Water and Irrigation Act 1914.

River level monitoring

We operate an extensive network of river monitoring stations and activities across Western Australia.

Spatial data download

This tool provides a list of publicly available spatial data for download produced by the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation.

Water for Pilbara Cities groundwater investigation

As part of the $25 million Royalties for Regions program, we completed extensive groundwater investigations from the Great Southern to the Kimberley, including the $12.5 million Water for Pilbara Cities investigation.

Water information reporting

Data on Western Australia's water resources collected by the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation.

Water legislation

Water resources management and water services legislation administered by the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation

Water quality guidance

Information and examples about how to protect water quality for your project, development or activity.