Water resources

Managing water use, protecting our waterways and promoting water sustainability.

Check Perth groundwater information

The Perth Groundwater Map has been designed to help water-bore drillers, irrigators, and private householders establish groundwater bores in the watertable aquifer.

Cockburn groundwater allocation plan

The 2021 Cockburn groundwater allocation plan guides our management of groundwater resources to support both water users and the ecosystems that depend on groundwater.

Drinking water matters

Safe drinking water is essential for life. Drinking water for cities and towns in Western Australia comes from natural sources, seawater desalination and recycled water.

Gnangara groundwater allocation plan

The 2022 Gnangara groundwater allocation plan sets out how we will manage the Gnangara groundwater system – Perth’s largest natural water resource – to continue adapting to climate change.

Groundwater investigations

Western Australia relies on groundwater for drinking water supplies, irrigated agriculture, industry, mining, economic development and liveable communities more than any other state in the country. Groundwater is also essential for the natural environment to flourish.

Submit requests for water planning advice

Advice is provided to decision making authorities and considers potential impacts on the State’s water resources from future land planning and development proposals.

Water quality guidance

Information and examples about how to protect water quality for your project, development or activity.