Regulations regarding the safe and effective movement of ships and other commercial or private vessels.

Apply for a jetty fuel pipeline

You can only apply for a jetty fuel pipeline by completing a form and posting your application to the Department of Transport.

Check current wave and tide data

Find near real time wave data from Albany to Esperance, and compare the data across the WA coastline. Also find out about sea and swell waves and tide predictions.

Marine fees and payments

Learn how to pay fees for items related to recreational boating, commercial vessel operations and maritime facilities and management.

Nautical charts

Download nautical charts and notices to mariners (chart corrections).

Register a new vessel

Find out about registering a new recreational boat or personal watercraft with the Department of Transport.

Renew your jetty licence

You can pay the annual renewal of your private, commercial or community jetty licence online.

Transfer a jetty licence

If you are transferring a jetty licence you need to let the Department of Transport know you have no objections to the transfer.

View Notices to Mariners

Notices To Mariners lists navigational warnings, temporary notices and event information for all regions in WA.