Marine and rural support

Supporting the growth and management of sea-based and farming industries.

Apply for a jetty fuel pipeline

You can only apply for a jetty fuel pipeline by completing a form and posting your application to the Department of Transport.

Apply for an aquaculture licence

Aquaculture is the keeping, breeding, hatching, culturing or harvesting of fish. Registered users can apply for a new or variation to an aquaculture licence.

Calculate deferred grazing times

Deferred grazing is a tactic where stock are excluded from pasture areas to maximise germination and establishment of annual pasture seedlings.

Calculate your potential crop yield

The potential yield tool uses seasonal rainfall and decile finishes, calculated from historical data, to calculate the maximum wheat yield possible without constraints.

COVID-19 support for our primary industries

The Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development is continuing to work with industry, government and regional stakeholders to provide support and information during the COVID-19 response.

Marine fees and payments

Learn how to pay fees for items related to recreational boating, commercial vessel operations and maritime facilities and management.

Nominate a fishing vessel master

Authorised online operators for a managed fishing licence (MFL) can nominate or change Vessel Masters using Fish Eye online services.

Renew your jetty licence

You can pay the annual renewal of your private, commercial or community jetty licence online.

Report illegal fishing

FishWatch provides a quick and easy way to report potential sightings or evidence of illegal fishing off Western Australia's coast and local waterways.

Transfer a jetty licence

If you are transferring a jetty licence you need to let the Department of Transport know you have no objections to the transfer.