Land use management

Rural and urban development; related surveys and maps; significant heritage sites.
This dataset is a digital representation of all land parcel boundaries within Western Australia.
This cadastral polygon dataset is a simplified digital representation of all land parcel boundaries within Western Australia.
Contains horizontal and vertical coordinates and selected attributes of Standard Survey Marks (SSM) and Bench Marks (BM).
This dataset contains information about the ownership and vesting of freehold and Crown land in Western Australia. 
For legal purposes, the extents of Local Government Authorities (LGA) are determined by technical description and are published in the Government Gazette.
We hold a large range of maps, spatial datasets, aerial photography and other imagery of Western Australia, which you can view and purchase.
View and buy maps and other imagery of Western Australia.
The Shared Location Information Platform (SLIP) provides access to location information supplied by various data custodians.
The residential design codes or R-Codes control the design of residential development throughout Western Australia.
Search for land and infrastructure developments that are released to create spaces for regional and industrial growth, urban revitalisation and strategic tourism. 
Use the address verification service online to search for any address within Western Australia.
NRInfo (natural resource information) provides you access to digital mapping and information for natural resources across Western Australia.
PlanWA is a public mapping tool that provides ready access to planning data across Western Australia.
The Locate map gives you all of the Shared Location Information Platform’s (SLIP) public data in the one convenient place.

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