Law enforcement

Dealing with criminal activities and improving public safety.

Academic research with the WA Police Force

Research proposals are invited from undergraduate (honours) and postgraduate students, academics, tertiary institutions and other research entities and suitably qualified persons from relevant agencies.

Am I fit to drive?

Certain medical conditions and treatments can affect your ability to drive and must be reported to the Department of Transport or you will be fined.

Apply for a Criminal Injuries Compensation report

You can obtain a Criminal Injuries Compensation (CIC) report which provides victims (or their representatives) with selected information held by WA Police Force about an incident in which they were a victim.

Apply for a driver’s licence refund

You can apply for a refund if you voluntarily give up your licence, your concession type changes, someone dies, you cancel your driving test or there is a payment error.

Apply for a firearms permit

Any person who wishes to possess, transport or use a firearm that is not licensed in the state of Western Australia must obtain an appropriate permit prior to entering the state.

Apply for a photo card

WA residents aged 16 and over can apply for a card that helps them prove their identity without a driver’s licence or passport.

Apply for a Police Information Certificate

A Police Information Certificate (PIC) is only issued in relation to Violence Restraining Orders (VRO) or Family Violence Restraining Orders (FVRO), reaching the Final Order Hearing before a court in Western Australia (WA).

Apply for a security licence

There are two types of licence categories available if you wish to provide security services in Western Australia: ‘Agent’ and ‘Non-Agent’.

Apply for a vehicle fee refund

You can apply for refunds on your plate application, temporary movement permit, vehicle examination and vehicle licence fees, returned plates, concessions and payment errors.

Apply for commercial carriers and warehouseman exemption

Any person, who in the ordinary course of their business, carries or stores a firearm or ammunition for another person in Western Australia is required to obtain an exemption from the Commissioner of Police (or delegate), Section 8(1) (g) Firearms Act 1973.

Book a hazard perception test

If you are a learner driver, you must pass a hazard perception test before you can take the practical driving assessment to get your driver’s licence.

Book and pay for a driving test

If you are a learner driver ready to sit your practical driving test or want to upgrade your existing licence you can book the test online.

Careers with the WA Police Force

The WA Police Force manage 200 police facilities, 15 policing districts, and 9,000 employees across 2.5 million square kilometres of Western Australia.

Check your demerit points

If you have a WA driver’s licence or learner’s permit you can check details of fines issued, demerit point penalties and demerit point expiry dates.

Check your driver's licence

Check the current status of your WA driver’s licence by entering your licence number, expiry date and date of birth.


Find out about the use of firearms within Western Australia, applications for a firearm licence, safety, storage requirements, dealers and commercial carriers.

Hosting responsible parties

You could be held partly or fully responsible for something that happens to one of your guests at your party.

Pay a parking fine

If you have received a parking fine you need to contact the local council where the fine was issued.

Pay an on the spot fine

What to do if you have received an on the spot, hand written fine issued by a police officer or other authorised person.

Register for Cam-Map WA

Register your CCTV details on the Cam-Map WA portal. Cam-Map WA is a comprehensive database of all voluntarily registered CCTV systems across Western Australia.

Report alcohol offences by businesses

The sale and supply of alcohol in Western Australia is governed by the Liquor Control Act 1988 (as amended) which also outlines minimising harm or ill-health caused to people due to the use of alcohol.

Report arson

Arson is a serious crime that can attract significant penalties. Anyone convicted of Criminal Damage by Fire (Arson), Section 444 of the Criminal Code can be imprisoned for life.

Report family violence

Family violence is behaviour which results in physical, sexual and/or psychological damage, forced social isolation, economic deprivation, or behaviour which causes the victim(s) to live in fear.

Report fraud

The priority of a police criminal investigation into fraud is not about recovering money for the victim and not all instances of fraud are investigated by police.

Report fuel drive-off

Service stations must report all fuel drive-off incidents to police on 131 444 as soon as possible.

Report gold stealing

Report suspicious activity or information to Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or call the Gold Stealing Detection Unit (GSDU) on 08 9022 5770.

Report graffiti

Anyone can report acts of graffiti vandalism against public assets, community facilities or private property.

Report homicide

Contact police immediately on 000 if you witness a homicide occurring. Contact police immediately on 131 444 if you find a deceased person.

Report hoon driving

A hoon driver is anyone who drives at very high speed or in a manner that is considered highly dangerous or antisocial.

Report identity theft

Identity theft is where a person has stolen and used personal information or assumed a pre-existing identity, with or without that person’s permission, and in the case of an individual, whether the person is alive or dead.

Report sexual assault

Sexual assault is a crime of violence and includes a broad range of sexual crimes committed against a person regardless of age, gender, status, culture, ability or sexuality.

Report technology crime

All technology enabled crime must be reported through the Australian Cybercrime Online Reporting Network (ReportCyber), which refers reports to the most applicable agency in Australia.

Restraining orders

A restraining order makes it against the law for that person to come near you or your property.

Return your vehicle plates

If your vehicle licence has been cancelled, the plates must be returned to the Department of Transport.

Submit a complaint to WA Police Force

Policing is a difficult and complex job and we acknowledge mistakes can be made and that the actions of our personnel may fall short of your expectations.

Submit a police commendation

The WA Police Force strives to provide the highest level of police service to our community and we welcome constructive feedback on the performance of our employees.

Take driver’s licence theory test

When applying for your first WA driver’s licence, or transferring an overseas licence from a non recognised country, you need to pass a computerised theory test.

Traffic wardens

Traffic wardens play an important role in ensuring children get to school safely.

Transfer vehicle ownership

What you should do if you are buying or selling a vehicle and how to go about transferring ownership.

Victims of crime

Information and support services for victims of crime, including tips on how to reduce the risk of becoming a victim.