Social justice and equity

Supporting the fair treatment of all people regardless of gender, race, colour, ethnicity, age, marital or parental status, sexual preference, disability or religious belief.

Apply for a driver’s licence refund

You can apply for a refund if you voluntarily give up your licence, your concession type changes, someone dies, you cancel your driving test or there is a payment error.

Apply for a vehicle fee refund

You can apply for refunds on your plate application, temporary movement permit, vehicle examination and vehicle licence fees, returned plates, concessions and payment errors.

Community Outreach

The Commissioner for Equal Opportunity undertakes community outreach to promote equal opportunity and prevent discrimination. The Commissioner also initiates investigations into discrimination in accordance with section 80 of the Equal Opportunity Act 1984.

Make a discrimination and harassment complaint

Complaints must be in writing - you can make a complaint online using the form below, download the pdf complaint form and fill it out to email it or print it to post it or deliver by hand. To learn more about making a complaint read our Complaints Process Fact Sheet.