Consumer protection

Rights and obligations for consumers, businesses, landlords and tenants.
What to look out for when buying a car, boat or other vehicle, your rights with repairs and servicing, and tips on how to sell your vehicle.
Complaints are resolved by each non-government school, following a Complaints Management Standard. 
The Ombudsman investigates complaints about Western Australian public authorities.
The Training Accreditation Council investigates complaints about registered training organisations (RTOs) under the Standards for Registered Training Organisations 2015.
Rights and responsibilities for consumers and traders under the Australian Consumer Law (ACL) that need to be considered when buying, selling, or agreeing to contracts.
Complain about a problem with goods or services purchased in or from Western Australia or the Indian Ocean Territories.
For people who suffer loss through the criminal or fraudulent actions of real estate industry businesses or employees in the course of a real estate transaction.
Complain about health, disability and mental health services provided in Western Australia and the Indian Ocean Territories.
Find product safety advice, information about banned or recalled products, or report a potentially unsafe product. 
Scams, ripoffs and frauds are becoming more and more commonplace. Send us scams or suspect items so we can combat this ever increasing problem.
Submit a complaint under the Building Services (Complaint Resolution and Administration) Act 2011. 

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