Creating a dynamic customer protection framework for behind-the-meter electricity services

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Energy Policy WA has released the Directions Report, 'Creating a dynamic customer protection framework for behind-the-meter electricity services'. This report proposes a new regulatory framework for new and emerging electricity business models.
Cover of Directions Report

The proposed approach involves developing regulated customised codes of practice for categories of 'alternative electricity service', with a focus on ensuring adequate consumer protections to customers of those services.  Each code of practice would be developed in consultation with industry stakeholders and consumer representatives.  To enable these codes of practice, a new head of power would be inserted in the Electricity Act 2004 to allow an alternative regime to the existing electricity licensing and exemption arrangements.  This approach will allow the framework to respond to new and emerging electricity service business models as needed.

In the first instance, it is proposed that a code of practice for behind-the-meter electricity generation and storage services will be developed.

Energy Policy WA is scheduled to provide the Minister for Energy with a recommendations report outlining the detailed arrangements and implementation requirements for the alternative regulatory framework by April 2020 to be accompanied by a draft Code of Practice for behind-the-meter generation and storage services (BTM Code).

Information on the Retail Electricity Licensing and Exemptions review is available here



Page reviewed 18 February 2020