Decision on trucked LNG information on the Gas Bulletin Board

Public notice
The Coordinator has approved Rule Change Proposal GRC_2022_01 from AEMO about the publication of trucked LNG data on the Gas Bulletin Board (GBB).
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On 29 March 2022, AEMO submitted Rule Change Proposal GRC_2022_01 to the Coordinator of Energy.

This proposal sought changes to the Gas Services Information (GSI) Rules to require that:

  • any gas Production facility Operator that trucks liquified natural gas (LNG) from their facility directly to a customer must provide AEMO with data on the volume of trucked LNG on a monthly basis; and
  • AEMO must publish the trucked LNG data on the Gas Bulletin Board (GBB) in a monthly report.

The Coordinator approved the proposal in an amended form, with additional changes to the definition of the term ‘Production Facility’.

The amendments to the GSI Rules will take effect on 1 December 2021 and AEMO will commence publication of trucked LNG information on the GBB in January 2023.

This Rule Change Proposal arose because Woodside is trucking LNG to customers directly from its Pluto facility and, since the gas does not enter the pipeline network, it is not currently captured on the GBB.

For more information see the rule change page.

Page reviewed 17 August 2022