Exposure Draft of the Miscellaneous Amendments No.3 WEM Amending Rules for consultation released

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Energy Policy WA has published an Exposure Draft of WEM Amending Rules (Miscellaneous Amendments No. 3) for stakeholder feedback before 5:00pm 8 July 2024 (AWST).
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Energy Policy WA has published the Exposure Draft of WEM Amending Rules (Miscellaneous Amendments No. 3). Amongst other amendments, this includes proposed WEM Amending Rules to:

  • require AEMO to inform EPWA and the ERA of any issues that are likely to adversely affect the effectiveness of the market or achievement of the Wholesale Market Objectives;
  • require AEMO to investigate and report on significant incidents in the SWIS;
  • reduce the deadline for providing AEMO any final details of a Forced Outage from fifteen days to seven days after the relevant Trading Day to allow for certain settlement calculations to be performed earlier;
  • allow AEMO to proactively share information with EPWA and the ERA without requiring a formal request;
  • clarify the publication requirements associated with NCESS contracts;
  • allow AEMO to require more reserve capacity security to be lodged in the event that security has been drawn upon due to Facility not commencing on time;
  • provide clarity around the Availability Duration Gap determination for all years in the LT PASA horizon;
  • amend the definitions of Enablement Maximum and Enablement Minimum to improve clarity, and ensure that Enablement Limits accurately reflect the capability of a Facility;
  • modify the settlement rules to allocate the costs of NCESS Contracts for peak capacity as a Reserve Capacity cost, i.e. on the basis of IRCR;
  • remove barriers to entry and encourage participation of aggregated DSPs in the RCM;
  • update clause 7.4.35 to allow a Market Participant to make a Real-Time Market Submission after Gate Closure if directed to do so by AEMO;
  • refine the cost allocation methodology for Contingency Reserve Raise;
  • define a Facility by its Metering Point, rather than its connection point, to allow for registration of multiple Facilities behind a single connection point following approval from AEMO;
  • include transitional rules to extend the timeframes related to the submission, consideration and approval of AEMO’s Allowable Revenue for the 2025 to 2028 period;
  • clarify the settlement provisions related to calculating FCESS Uplift Payments; and
  • error corrections and enhancements across all the WEM Rules.

You can view the Miscellaneous Amendments No. 3 Exposure Draft on our website.

Stakeholders are invited to provide written feedback on the Exposure Draft before 5:00pm 8 July 2024 (AWST) by submitting comments to energymarkets@dmirs.wa.gov.au.