Helping the WA community stay informed on vaccine preventable diseases

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Western Australian’s are encouraged to learn more about immunisation to protect themselves and their loved ones.
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 A woman and child lying together in a hospital bed, holding hands, surrounded by medical equipment. is a new hub of information where you can find all the facts about diseases that can be prevented with a vaccine. It also explains how you can stay up to date with Western Australia’s immunisation schedule and find your closest provider.

The website details key vaccine preventable diseases, their symptoms, complications and available vaccines, some of which includes influenza, meningococcal, HPV, and shingles.

Within the online hub you will find: 

  • Accurate and credible medical information about vaccine preventable diseases 
  • Information about immunisation and how vaccines work
  • Information on vaccine safety and how they are monitored
  • Details about the immunisation programs and schedules relevant to you.

Together, we can keep our community safe and protect those who are not able to be immunised. 

To learn more about vaccine preventable diseases, Western Australia’s immunisation schedule and vaccine providers near you, visit: