Improving the Rule Change Panel appointments process

News story
The Minister for Energy has endorsed proposed reforms to the Energy Industry (Rule Change Panel) Regulations 2016 to broaden the composition of the Rule Change Panel and improve the appointments process for new Panel members.
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Strict eligibility criteria in the Energy Industry (Rule Change Panel) Regulations 2016 (Panel Regulations), designed to avoid conflicts of interest, have made it difficult to identify suitably qualified Western Australian-based candidates for Rule Change Panel (Panel) appointments.

The Minister for Energy has endorsed a Directions Report prepared by Energy Policy WA outlining recommended changes to the Panel Regulations to provide for an increased number of Panel members and expanded scope of eligible candidates.

These changes are intended to provide the Panel with a greater range of expertise to consider rule change proposals relating to an increased scope and complexity of matters.

Draft Amendment Regulations to implement the recommendations outlined in the Directions Report are available for stakeholder comment as to any drafting errors or unintended consequences from these regulations. Further information on these regulatory changes is available here

Page reviewed 24 March 2020