Online Guide to digitised 1992 State Cabinet Records released

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To mark the International Day for Universal Access to Information, State Cabinet records from 1992 are now available online through the State Records Office of WA.
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1992 State Cabinet Papers

State Cabinet records are historically significant documents that reveal key decisions made by the government of the day. WA State Cabinet records in the State archives collection are opened to the public after 30 years to reveal the official decisions that have shaped our State. The State archives collection is managed by the State Records Office (SRO), the authority responsible for managing, preserving, and providing the community with an information service about the State’s archives.

1992 State Cabinet papers have been digitised and the SRO has created a Guide to the 1992 State Cabinet Records that describes the papers, key issues and historical context for decisions at the time. The guide and papers can be accessed online and appointments can be made for assistance from an SRO archivist.

Guide to the 1992 State Cabinet Records