State Commissioning Strategy to improve community services delivery in WA

Media release
Finance launches Western Australia's first State Commissioning Strategy for community services with a focus on long-term outcomes for individuals and the community.
Four people standing in a line holding copies of a document.

This new State Commissioning Strategy for Community Services will drive greater cohesion and transparency between State Government agencies, service providers, peak bodies, consumer advocates and service users when commissioning services.

Commissioning is the cyclical process of planning, purchasing, managing, monitoring and evaluating services with the aim of ensuring that every available dollar is allocated in the optimal manner.   

The Strategy and its Implementation Plan reflects a shift away from the current purchasing model to a more holistic, proactive and sustainable commissioning approach. This will result in people having better access to services when they need them.  

It will also build greater capability, capacity and flexibility for community services to allow agile responses to changing community needs. 

The Strategy takes into consideration commitments made under the Closing the Gap report and the Aboriginal Empowerment Strategy. It also recognises existing services and policies developed for social housing, homelessness, domestic violence, out-of-home care, youth and age-based programs and mental health services. 

Page reviewed 9 August 2022