Introducing the Delivering Community Services in Partnership Policy

The Policy applies to all community services procurements.

The Delivering Community Services in Partnership (DCSP) Policy applies to all Western Australian government agencies that provide funding for, or purchase community services, from organisations. The DCSP Policy applies to:  

  • all such State funded services 
  • all Commonwealth and industry funded services – to the extent that the requirements of this Policy are not inconsistent with the requirements of that service or service sponsor

In undertaking any community services procurement activity, government agencies must understand and comply with the requirements of both:  

The DCSP Policy sets out several partnership principles and behaviours dedicated to encouraging genuine partnership between government agencies and the community service sector. The principles and behaviours focus on:

  • encouraging contribution from the community services sector and service users when planning, co-designing and delivering community services
  • sustainable service delivery
  • establishing service agreements that reduce the administrative burden on service providers

For further information about the policy, see What do the procurement policies mean for me?

Page reviewed 4 September 2019