Annual report 2020: Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development

Annual report
Outlines operations, performance and achievements for the financial year 2019–20.

Year at a glance

  • Extended comprehensive support to primary industries and regional communities to aid recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. 
  • Provided $909.9m through the Royalties for Regions program towards 212 new and continuing initiatives.
  • Joined with other members of the WA Food Alliance to launch the Trust in Primary Production initiative to help retain industry’s social licence.
  • Helped the octopus and sea cucumber fisheries to obtain Marine Stewardship Council certification to further demonstrate sustainability of our aquatic resources.
  • Worked with industry and government to develop a four-year Primary Industries Plan to set priorities for growth and diversification.
  • Invested more than $7m in 67 projects under round two of the Regional Economic Development Grants program.
  • Led the national research project Managing Flies for Crop Pollination to investigate alternative pollinators to honey bees.
  • Supported the state government’s shark hazard mitigation strategy with new warning towers, monitoring technology and signage.
  • Led the WA component of a research project to develop a tropical rock oyster industry in the north of Australia.
  • Maintained biosecurity, including management of Queensland fruit fly and red imported fire ant incidents, to ensure continued access to key international markets.
  • Worked with stakeholders and partners to finalise the draft Aquaculture Development Plan. 
  • Supported re-establishment of the Soil and Land Conservation Council to protect WA’s soil and land assets for future generations.


Page reviewed 17 December 2020