Data centre prospectus

Promotional material
The data centre prospectus highlights the State’s potential as a hub for data centre operations to global industry and investors.

With all sectors and businesses increasingly using online platforms and adopting digital technologies, data centres an essential part of the digital economy. Developing the industry in WA will help diversify the economy, create jobs and also underpin the digital supply chain for a number of data intensive industries.

In addition, WA’s cutting-edge industries in resources, space, health and defence, are also increasingly utilising technologies such as artificial intelligence, remote operations and robotics, which will drive large volumes of data and demand for data centres. 

The prospectus highlights Western Australia’s advantages for data centre investment including its:

  • Safe location
  • Tech savvy workforce
  • Strong environmental, social and governance credentials
  • Digital and big data capabilities 
  • Renewable energy potential through solar, wind, and tidal resources
  • Connectivity to major digital global economies through four international submarine cable routes


Page reviewed 8 December 2022