Economic participation - South West Native Title Settlement

A framework to assist Noongar business capacity and interests towards improving participation in the wider economy.

Framework objectives

The framework is an additional and separate commitment to other significant economic assets delivered through the South West Native Title Settlement and it aims to:

  • grow Noongar owned businesses and Noongar/non-Noongar joint ventures, and increase Noongar employment in Noongar businesses
  • increase the knowledge and skills of the Noongar community in the areas of Government procurement, tendering and contracting
  • increase Noongar participation and representation in employment and the broader economy¬†
  • build on the existing strengths of the Noongar community to foster the Noongar entrepreneurial culture.


The Noongar Economic Participation Steering Group will oversee the framework's implementation.

WA Government agencies will also be responsible for helping meet the various key deliverables and initial projects identified in the framework.

The Steering Group will include a representative from each of the six respective Noongar Regional Corporations and one from the Central Services Corporation, as well as senior representatives from relevant WA Government agencies and authorities.

For further information, read about the Noongar Corporations and the Noongar Boodja Trust or see the documents below.


Fact Sheet - Noongar Economic Participation Framework - October 2017
Fact Sheet - Noongar Economic Participation Framework - October 2017
Annexure S - Noongar Economic Participation Framework
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