Leadership Commitment to a Safe and Healthy Workplace

Public Sector Commission 's Corporate Executive commitment to supporting a healthy and safe work environment.

We are committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment; and maintaining the safety and health of our staff, contractors and visitors. Workplace safety and health go beyond a legal obligation – they are about making sure our staff, contractors and community feel safe and supported when at work and when visiting us.

Workplace safety and health are everybody's responsibility, and practices can only be improved when we work together. Everyone in a workplace should feel confident to report matters and take steps to minimise any risks in that workplace.

In return, the leadership team commits to:

  • having a positive safety culture and strong safety management system that encourages and supports us all to apply relevant procedures and processes to protect ourselves and others from harm
  • championing at senior leadership levels safe and healthy workplaces
  • providing and promoting resources, support and training so we can all carry out our work safely and achieve safety outcomes
  • communicating the benefits of a mentally safe and healthy workplace
  • encouraging a culture of hazard awareness with appropriate education and training
  • promoting National Safety Month in October each year
  • holding safety discussions at division meetings
  • encouraging open, honest and effective consultation and communication between managers, staff and OSH representatives to achieve a common understanding of and resolution to OSH matters
  • building a culture of reporting so that:
    • risks to safety, health and wellness are identified and assessed
    • hazards are eliminated or risks to safety are reduced to as low as reasonably practicable
    • investigations identify root causes and appropriate actions are taken to prevent recurrences
    • a 'no blame' approach is adopted during investigations
    • those who provide services to us adhere to our safety procedures
  • supporting the OSH Committee and elected OSH representatives so that:
    • they have the support and time to complete safety and health related tasks
    • reported safety and health matters are resolved in a timely and practicable way.


10 July 2019 

You can read more about the Government's vision for public sector workplace safety and health in the Workplace Safety and Health Communique.

Page reviewed 26 July 2021