Open Data Policy

This policy aims to improve the management and use of the public sector’s data assets to deliver value and benefits for all Western Australians

The Western Australian public sector collects and uses a vast array of data in the course of its everyday operations.

This data is an important strategic asset and is a source of significant value to the State when managed well.

Sharing data widely across government and the community has the potential to drive better government, innovation, and new business and employment opportunities.

The policy and its implementation guidance and tools:

  • clearly outlines the Western Australian Government’s position on open data
  • encourages a well-considered and consistent approach across the public sector to opening access to data (which also ensures the privacy of individuals is adequately protected)
  • demonstrates the value of data and the potential benefits of opening access to data
  • helps agencies implement best practice information management principles to achieve open data objectives.

Further information on the policy, toolkit, fact sheets and data can be found at


Page reviewed 4 December 2019