WA Industry Link: WAIPS Portal information for agencies

Useful guides and frequently asked questions to help agencies set up and manage their WAIPS Portal account.
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As of 1 July 2024, the WAIPS Portal is live.

The following steps provide a quick user guide to get started in registering and using the WAIPS Portal. At the bottom of the page is a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the portal for agencies. 

How to set up a WAIPS Portal account

Register an account for the agency

This step should be completed by the agency's primary contact. The primary contact account will be given a super user account type. This account type provides the user with the authority to invite and manage team members' accounts and account types.

Agencies that do not yet have an online WAIPS Portal account need to email the WA Industry Link team with a primary contact's:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email address

First time login

A temporary password and a link will be emailed to the email address provided to WA Industry Link. 

  1. Click on the link to be directed to a page titled Sign Up With An Invitation Code.
  2. Click "Register" to be directed to the Sign-in page. 
  3. Enter the registered email address and temporary password, then click "Sign in". 
  4. Follow the prompts to create and save a new password.

Add team members to an account

This step can only be completed by the primary contact, a team member with a super user account type, or by WA Industry Link.

  1. Log in to the WAIPS Portal and go to the Agency Account tab from the main navigation bar.
  2. Select "Agency Users" from the dropdown menu.
  3. Click on the "+Create" button and enter the team member's first name, last name and email address. 
  4. Click "Submit" to send the team member a temporary password and link to the Portal. The team member will be prompted to create a new password at the initial login.

Get familiar with the WAIPS Portal


Once signed into the WAIPS Portal, the logged in user will be directed to the main dashboard. The dashboard provides navigation to all the necessary tools to fulfil their WAIPS obligations and an overview of the agency's recent activities through their portal account. 

Team members with a super user account type will have additional tools to manage their team members' access to their agency's WAIPS Portal account.

Create a participation plan requirement

  1. Log in to the WAIPS Portal and click on "Create Participation Plan Requirement". 
  2. Check the pre-filled contact information is correct.
  3. Fill out the form details and click "Submit".
  4. Review the submitted information. If edits are required, click "Previous".
  5. Click "Copy Link" to copy the URL to the participation plan form. You must paste the URL link into the relevant section of your tender documentation where bidders are requested to complete a participation plan.
  6. An option is provided to receive email notifications from the Portal when a participation plan is completed by a bidder. To allow this, click "Yes, Email me".
  7. To return to the dashboard, click "Back to Home".

View a participation plan requirement

  1. Log in to the WAIPS Portal and click on "Participation Plan Requirement". The records will be organised into 2 tables: The logged in user's submitted records and all other records by the agency. 
  2. Search for the required record using the View by Status or View by Contact Person search boxes.
  3. Click the down arrow to the right of the desired record and click "View Details". This will navigate to the Participation Plan Requirement record.
  4. From this view, the user can see the details of the requirement and any completed participation plans by bidders. From this page, the user can also navigate to edit or cancel the requirement or find the link for bidders to complete the required participation plan form. 

Apply for a participation plan exemption

Learn more about when a procuring agency may be exempt from the procurement planning obligations within the WAIPS on the WAIPS Information page.

  1. Log in to the WAIPS Portal and click on "Apply for a Participation Plan Exemption".
  2. Complete the form as required. The Exemption Request form has conditional questions based on the exemption category for CUA and non-CUA.
  3. Click "Next" to view an exemption request cover letter template. The contract specialist details and tender details are pre-filled based on the information provided in the exemption application form. 
  4. Click "Back to Edit" to adjust the details, if required. Click "Next" to proceed to the Exemption Request Summary page.
  5. Click "Next" to proceed with the request.
  6. Click "Agree & Submit Exemption Request".

Frequently asked questions

Why do I need to create a participation plan requirement?

Creating a participation plan requirement through the WAIPS Portal generates a unique link to the participation plan template for bidders to complete. Adding the unique link into your tender request document ensures all participation plans and their subsequent reports are linked to the relevant tender.

Why do I need to include the estimated contract value, scheduled commencement, and completion dates before I award the contract?

The Portal will use the estimates provided to generate the appropriate participation plan template for the bidders and to ensure that the requirement created meets the thresholds for WAIPS to apply. Provide an estimate to the best of your knowledge. This information will not be shared externally and will need to be updated before submission of the chosen participation plan(s) to JTSI.

Will bidders see the estimated contract details I provide in the participation plan requirement?

No, bidders will not see the estimated contract details. They will see the tender title, description, tender open/close dates, agency name and contact only.

Can I change the contact person associated with the contract?

Yes, when you are no longer the contact for a particular contract, log in to the portal, find the relevant records, view details and update the agency contact details.

Can I start an exemption application and then come back to it later?

Yes, your unsubmitted applications will be available in your table in the Exemptions navigation bar with a status of “In Progress.” You may go in at any time to complete and submit it to JTSI.

What sort of email notifications can I expect to receive?

Agency contacts can expect to receive email notifications at the following times:

  • When an agency user profile is deactivated.
  • When a participation plan is completed by a supplier (optional). Suppliers receive an email with their completed participation plan attached and are instructed to submit it with their tender bid.
  • When a participation plan is edited by a supplier (optional).
  • When a clarification is raised by JTSI regarding participation plans, participation plan reports, exemption requests, or exemption reports.
  • When a supplier’s participation plan report is due and the agency needs to provide updates to the contract details (on completion date, one month after completion, 2 months after completion). Suppliers who have registered for the Portal will also receive these reminders.
  • When a participation plan report is submitted by a supplier.
  • When an exemption request is submitted.
  • When an exemption request’s outcome has been determined.
  • When a supplier’s exemption report is due and the agency needs to provide updates to the contract. details (on completion date, one month after completion, 2 months after completion). Suppliers who have registered for the portal will also receive these reminders.
  • When an exemption report is submitted by a supplier.

What if a supplier sends me a report via email instead of completing it via the Portal?

Please email the report to the WA Industry Link team and it will be uploaded to the Portal for them.

What about reports for existing contracts that commenced prior to the launch of the portal? Do these need to be completed on the portal too?

Yes, suppliers should be able to find the relevant contract in their supplier dashboard and create reports for these by following the instructions in the WAIPS Portal guide for businesses.