Consumer advocacy feedback and grants

The State Government is committed to delivering an energy sector where the long-term interests of consumers are upheld.

The 2019-20 State Budget included an allocation to support energy consumer advocacy related activities. Energy Policy WA is working to support consumers in sharing their views with the sector through the Western Australian Advocacy for Consumers of Energy (WA ACE) program.

The program co-ordinates consumer advocacy efforts and streamlines consultation processes, making it easier to have your say. The program also manages grants for energy consumer focused projects or research.

Have your say

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Do you have some feedback on the energy sector in Western Australia, or have some ideas for how it could be improved?

Let us know what you think by contacting us via If you would rather have a chat about it, send us your contact details and we will get in touch.

WA ACE Forum

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The Western Australian Advocacy for Consumers of Energy Forum (WA ACE Forum) has been established to provide broad based representation of consumer views in a central forum, allowing issues to be raised and for consumers to share in the development of products and solutions for the energy sector.

Chaired by the Co-ordinator for Energy and supported by grant funding, the forum provides an opportunity for the energy sector and consumer advocates to come together and debate topics of importance.  The WA ACE Forum does not seek consensus and is not a decision-making body. The Terms of Reference outline the details of the WA ACE Forum operations.


Eligible organisations are welcome to nominate to be part of the WA ACE Forum at any time. Please see the Terms of Reference for eligibility criteria and for how to nominate.

WA ACE Grants

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The WA ACE Grants program enables the distribution of the allocated government funds to support energy consumer advocacy.

Further information regarding the program will be made available below when available.

Page reviewed 24 June 2020
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