Household gas pricing

The Western Australian Government regulates natural gas prices for small use customers serviced by the main gas distribution systems.
Last updated: 11 July 2022

Natural gas prices for small use customers (consuming less than one terajoule per annum) serviced by gas distribution systems in the Mid West/South West, Kalgoorlie-Boulder and the Albany supply areas are subject to regulation. The Energy Coordination (Gas Tariffs) Regulations 2000 provide for a regulated maximum price that retailers can charge small use customers in these areas, that include Geraldton and surrounding areas, Carnamah and the Perth metropolitan area extending north to Gingin and south to Busselton. The maximum price applies for supply under a standard form contract and retailers may offer other pricing arrangements under market (or non-standard) contracts.

Regulated maximum prices do not apply to the reticulated LPG systems in Margaret River, Leinster and Esperance, or to bottled gas.

Gas retailers that supply large users are not bound by the regulated maximum prices for supply to those customers.

Gas retailers may charge fees additional to the regulated maximum prices. The Government does not regulate these additional charges.

Choice of Retailer

Small use customers can choose to buy natural gas from any licensed gas retailer. These retailers cannot charge above the regulated price cap when offering to supply small-use customers under a standard form contract, but can offer lower prices through non-standard form contracts.

Further information is available in the Economic Regulation Authority’s guide:

Residential pricing

All standard contract maximum prices are current as at 1 July 2022.

Mid-West/South-West area
Supply charge - cents per day 23.36
First 12 units/day - cents per unit 16.13
Over 12 units/day - cents per unit 14.55


Kalgoorlie-Boulder area
Supply charge - cents per day 52.53
Energy charge - cents per unit 14.98


Albany area
Supply charge - cents per day 25.21
Extra dwellings - cents per day 12.60
Energy charge - cents per unit 18.34

A unit of gas is 3.6 Megajoules, equivalent to 1 kilowatt hour of electricity. Note: Gas consumers may be subject to additional connection and distribution charges. Please contact your retailer for further information on these charges.