Resources Community Investment Initiative: Frequently asked questions

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Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of being an industry partner?

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This is about contributing to iconic State infrastructure projects, helping to make our State an even better place to live for generations and helping to improve the communities that resources companies operate in. Contributions from companies will be publicly acknowledged and recognised through the RCII platforms.

Is the RCII any different to the existing voluntary contributions made by resources companies?

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Yes. The RCII is a State-first. It is unique in that it provides an additional mechanism for the resources sector to contribute to projects in the interests of Western Australians. Contributions are not in lieu of royalties.  Companies will be encouraged to contribute on a voluntary basis.

Does the RCII only apply to the resources sector?

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The RCII has been established to enable the resources sector to collectively contribute to projects that benefit the Western Australian community given the important role the sector plays in our economy and community. 

How can I get involved as an industry partner?

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Register your interest here and for more information, please contact

How much will the foundational industry partners contribute to certain projects and when?

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Specific amounts and their associated contribution schedules will be determined by tailored project agreements and milestones through agreement with each individual company.

How will the projects be decided or allocated?

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Each company contributing to the RCII can determine the projects they wish to nominate funding to and individual project agreements will be established with agreed project milestones.

A project prioritisation criteria will be adopted and the Advisory Committee will use it to assess which projects will be suitable.

What types of projects will this initiative support?

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This initiative will provide an avenue for resources companies to invest in iconic State infrastructure projects, as well as community and social initiatives across the State for the benefit of Western Australians for generations to come. Significant State projects identified so far include the Aboriginal Cultural Centre, Perth Concert Hall redevelopment, the Perth Zoo Master Plan, the Remote Aboriginal Communities Fund and additional contributions to Telethon.  The RCII will also extend to include smaller regional projects in areas such as education and training, health, Aboriginal well-being, and enhanced community infrastructure.

How long will the initiative run for? Will this be an annual expectation on top of existing social investments by resources companies?

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The initiative is ongoing.  Contributions will not be in lieu of royalties but encouraged when companies are able to on a voluntary basis. Contributions from individual companies will be determined in partnership with government for specific projects over a finite period and with individual Project Funding Agreements.

How will contributions be allocated to specific projects?

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The RCII Advisory Committee will be responsible for matching contributions to projects, in consultation with companies and the Government.

How long will companies have to be able to contribute to projects?

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Expressions of interest for an initial round of investment in projects is expected to open for 3 months from announcement.

The project list available for investment will be updated twice yearly, following the State Budget (usually May each year) and the Mid-year Review budget update (usually December each year).

Following the initial round of investment companies will then be able to contribute to the initiative at any time with the Advisory Committee to manage the process of matching contributions to projects.

Page reviewed 22 November 2022