2021 Wooroloo Bushfire Review Terms of Reference

The review will acknowledge the ongoing Action Plan for Bushfire Framework Review and will cover the following aspects as relevant to the 2021 Wooroloo Bushfire.
  1. Evaluate the first stage of the review of the Wooroloo Bushfire and undertake independent analysis across the range of focus areas examined, including response to the Wooroloo Bushfire, fuel management and processes for access into the fire affected areas. 
  2. Examine the effectiveness of the use of heavy earthmoving equipment in the fire suppression effort including the systems, processes and capability that supports this.
  3. Examine the effectiveness of interagency coordination during the response and initial recovery phases of the incident.
  4. Consider the effectiveness of the impact assessment processes employed in informing early and timely recovery efforts and consider the effectiveness of the recovery function post response phase.
  5. Consider the extent, geographic range, method, effectiveness and duration of public warnings.
  6. Examine the effectiveness of the 'Animal Welfare in Emergencies' program as implemented by the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development.
  7. Consider the meteorological aspects of the fire as examined by the Bureau of Meteorology.  
  8. Provide a means for members of the public and other interested parties to make submissions to the Review and give these due regard in compiling its report.
  9. Consider any other matter that the Review Team identifies in its course of activities.
Page reviewed 20 August 2021