Public Sector Commission structure

The Commission is led by our Commissioner. Six divisions sit below this role, each led by an executive director.
Public Sector Commission Organisational Structure as at July 2020

Strategic Leadership and Talent

Responsible for executive leadership services, talent identification and leadership support and development.

People, Culture and Diversity

Responsible for workforce planning, diversity, capability and performance improvement for the sector.

Workforce Policy and Practice

Responsible for guidance on policy and legislation, key instruments and employment frameworks.

Workforce Data Analytics

Responsible for collecting, analysing and reporting sector workforce information and data.

Integrity and Risk

Responsible for promoting integrity, assisting in the prevention of misconduct and carrying out responsibilities under integrity, public sector management and financial management legislation.

Organisational Governance and Development

Responsible for corporate services, strategic planning and governance and strategic communications.

Page reviewed 29 July 2020