Archive Digitisation Service

SRO clients may request the digitisation of entire files and other items held in the State archives collection for a fee.
Last updated: 14 July 2022

To request State archives for digitisation, please identify the items on the State Records Office catalogue and place your request online. You may also request to view archives in the Reading Room and complete an Archive Digitisation Request Form and return it with the archives, for processing. Enquiries  about the digitisation service should be emailed to Digitisation charges are listed below.

Not all State archives are able to digitised, such as those with a restricted access status, or in a format or physical condition not suitable for straight-forward digitisation. Requests to digitise archives will be assessed by the State Records Office to establish if the condition of the archive is appropriate for digitisation. You will be contacted by email with information about the digitisation process and payment options. If deemed suitable, once payment has been received, the State Records Office aims to provide digitised copies of archives within 20 working days.

Please note that there are thousands of digital items - mostly maps and plans - available  on the catalogue and at Culture WA. They can be downloaded by saving the image to your computer, so there is no need to place a digitisation request.

Digitisation charges

Digitisation of entire files only (includes GST)


File Size

Cost per file / item (as of 01/07/2022)


1 to 25 pages



26 - 100 pages



101 - 400 pages



over 400 pages

On application


Maps and plans



Copies from existing scans


Postage / Delivery


$8 (AUD) within Australia  

$20 (AUD) overseas

$2 Dropbox