COVID Care at Home for Western Australians who need it

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A new program will launch on Monday 31 January, 2022 to support those with mild COVID-19 symptoms recovering at home.
Last updated: 17 April 2023
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A new WA COVID Care at Home program providing support for people recovering from COVID-19 in their own homes will launch on Monday 31 January, 2022.

 Due to the high levels of COVID-19 vaccination in the community, it is expected that most people will experience mild symptoms and will be able to recover in their homes.

The WA COVID Care at Home program will provide home monitoring care for those COVID-19 positive people with regular contact from the healthcare team to check their vital health signs and welfare, and monitor general wellbeing, via phone and telehealth.

People will need to complete a short registration form (available on the HealthyWA website to enrol, based on risk factors such as age, vaccination status, severity of symptoms, medical history and social considerations. If required, another person can complete this form on their behalf.

Responses will help determine whether a person can care for themselves at home with their GP’s support or would benefit from the additional monitoring of WA COVID Care at Home.

Similar programs operating interstate and overseas have successfully supported people in their homes through their period of home isolation.

Experienced providers Calvary and Medibank will combine their clinical and telehealth experience to deliver services to COVID positive patients, as they have already done in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.

Patients will receive more information outlining the health supports and how the program operates.

For more information on COVID Care at home, visit HealthyWA (external link).