DWER opens doors for top grads

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We have embarked on extensive graduate engagement campaign activities, including career information events and a digital register of interest in employment in 2024.
Last updated: 20 March 2023

Attracting the best tertiary qualified people to the WA public sector is the focus of the 2023 A place of opportunity campaign that started last week.

The Department of Water and Environmental Regulation (DWER) has joined this sector wide initiative that brings more than 25 graduate and internship programs into one online location.

“Our very own graduate officer Chelsea Wenden features in the refreshed campaign to attract the best and brightest university graduates into the WA public sector,” said Michelle Raymond, Manager Talent and Culture.

Graduate Development Coordinator Alecia Brooks said the DWER graduate program offered an exciting opportunity to work with a respected organisation managing WA’s water and biodiversity.

“What is even more impressive is that we have been included as a Top Graduate Employer (voted on by the Australian Association of Graduate Employers) in our inaugural year,” said Alecia.

“I am proud of that, and the reason we made the list is because our nine 2022 graduates had a great program experience

“Our inclusion on such a prestigious list is a perfect example of the public sector being a place of opportunity.”

To find out more about working in our department visit our Careers and employment opportunities page.

Pictured left to right – Thomas Paparo (2022 Graduate from Treasury), Alecia Brooks, Jacqueline King-Small (PSC), Kaylee Giannopoulos (2022 DWER Graduate), Daisy Passmore (2022 DWER Graduate), Kira Luttrell-Roth (PSC Place of Opportunity Project Officer), Alexis Sauzier (Graduate Coordinator DPLH).