Launch of the new whole of government Digital Strategy

News story
The WA Government has launched a new Digital Strategy for the Western Australian Government 2021-2025: Convenient, smart and secure services for all Western Australians.

The WA Government has launched a new Digital Strategy , to accelerate and guide our digital transformation journey over the next five years.

The Digital Strategy will change the way government works – to make it easier and safer for WA people and businesses to deal with us. It will drive better service delivery by integrating and streamlining government services and regulatory processes. Government services will be reoriented around the needs of people and businesses – rather than the structures of government.

Government decisions and services should be informed by data. The Digital Strategy will build whole of government data and analytics capabilities for new insights into WA’s most complex social, health, environmental and economic issues.

It’s important that the WA Government continues to protect its online services and systems from cyber threats. The Digital Strategy will strengthen the WA Government’s capability to detect, prevent and respond to cyber incidents.

As services and regulatory processes become more digital, the ability to access and use digital technology is even more critical. The Digital Strategy will work to ensure that all Western Australians are digitally included by delivering initiatives that address the key barriers – connectivity, affordability, skills and design.

This next phase of digital transformation across government is ambitious and exciting and will be delivered through central leadership, and strategic oversight, as well as being based on strong collaboration between WA Government agencies.

Page reviewed 23 June 2021